To The Girl Feeling Stuck In The Middle of High School

*inspired by (ok, yes, taken straight from) a recent conversation with one of the precious souls I am lucky enough to mentor*

To the girl feeling stuck in the middle of high school:

Breathe. It gets easier.

(And that’s coming from someone who felt very stuck in the middle of high school, so I know exactly how you feel).

But let me start by telling you something: you are more than enough. 

Go ahead and re-read that statement two or three times before continuing. I’ll wait.

Okay, cool, moving on.

You are a bright, bold, capable, and captivating young lady, and you deserve the absolute best… literally… all of the time… every day.

I remember days where I felt like no one was honest, no one was trustworthy, and no one had my back — days when my heart was breaking, but I couldn’t even find the words to describe why. So for the days you feel that — I am truly sorry. The hard part is that friends and boys will disappoint you, and with an open and forgiving spirit like yours, they might disappoint you a lot. (Helpful tip for growing up: your family/MOMMA will always have your back, and that’s just the truth). But all you can do is keep going — keep walking — because this stage is so fleeting.

I like to picture my life like this giant painting, but only God can see the whole thing. I can only see the tiny spot where I am, all zoomed in, and sometimes everything around me is pretty dark. But think about it: you need different colors/shades to make a masterpiece — even the really dark colors. So when things around you feel like they’re falling apart, they probably are, but remember that you are just in one of those darker spots on the painting. God’s not even close to done with the work-of-art He named after you.

On top of all of that, you are worthy and deserving of SUCH greatness. It’s really easy to get caught up in the culture of high school: wanting a boyfriend, needing more likes on that insta-pic, or showing up to all the right parties with all the right people.

Something I can promise you: none of it really counts in the grand scheme of your life.

However, things that do matter: studying, prayer, your family, being a loyal friend, treating people with respect, and making everybody feel like a somebody. You are at a place in your life where you can set such a solid foundation for your future, and it is so important to focus on things that will better your character.

Read good books, sing good songs, be good to people, focus more on making the memory and less on posing for the picture. Smile at everyone, laugh a ton, and enjoy these precious years you have left at home with your parents and family. I promise it’s worth it!

My most important piece of advice though: respect yourself so much that you demand respect from others (especially high school boys). Walk with such grace and sweetness that the wrong ones don’t even want to test you because they know that they can’t. Something I’ve learned (through experience, unfortunately) is that sometimes the worst boy for you is disguised as the most handsome, charming, and intelligent one you’ve ever seen. Walking away from something — something you might really want — so that you can walk toward something you really deserve takes serious faith. I hope you never find yourself in that situation, but in the event that you do: remember how uniquely exquisite you are and (please) keep walking.

You are worthy of someone/people in your life who know how to love you like Christ loves. It took me 19 years, but I found them. And you will, too. So if you’re stuck in a place right now — be it high school, college, post-grad, or any time at all — where you don’t feel fulfilled, trust me when I tell you that your time is coming.

I love you,



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