This Is For You. Yes, You.

This one goes out to each and every person who feels undeserving, unworthy, unlovable, or unseen. Hi, nice to meet you.

I wanted to come out of the gate with these uplifting words — something to instantly draw you into the rest of the piece and give you a preview of how much love I am about to throw at you — but I decided against that. Instead, I want to call out everything inside of your sweet heads causing you to doubt how inconceivably special you are.

So, with that being said, give me all of it. Give me the insecurity about your weight, the acne on your forehead, and the scars from your surgery. Give me the google searches about nose jobs, the cardigans you wear in the summer to hide your arms, and the discouraged hours you spend shopping for something that fits and fits well. Bring me the saved text messages from an ex-boyfriend, the tears shed in the car when that song comes on, and the countless nights you go to bed feeling like you’ll never recover. Bring them to me.

Give me your nightmares, your anxiousness, your paranoia, and your shame. Hand over the guilt you feel from treating someone poorly, the worry that your parents will really split up this time, and the moments you spend walking the halls wondering if anyone feels as lost as you do. Bring me your loneliness, your hiding places, your stress about the future, and your never ending to-do lists. Give me the secret you’re keeping from everyone, the lies that you can’t seem to stop telling, and the trust issues currently keeping everyone at arm’s length. That conversation replaying over and over again in your mind — the one where someone tells you you’re not enough, rejects you, embarrasses you, or makes you doubt yourself — I want to take it from you. Lay it at my feet.

I want to hold these burdens for you, because I don’t want you to hold them anymore. These things I’ve mentioned weigh on your heart in a way that you wouldn’t believe, and you don’t deserve to carry that weight anymore. Let me carry it for you. Rest, you deserve it. 

You deserve freedom. And sunlight. You deserve the freedom to walk in that sunlight, look up, and feel the warmth hit your face. I want that for you.

Peace should not be a foreign concept. Rest should not be unknown. You are worthy of love and care, and you deserve that love and care in abundance. You deserve a shoulder to cry on, a place to call home, a worry-free mind, and a life full of grace — grace that overwhelms your heart and fills in the places you didn’t even know were broken.

Believe that; chase that. Remind yourself that you are spectacular, and you serve a purpose here in this world that is unique to only you. There exists a corner of the world — a tiny patch of earth — that belongs solely to you. Plant yourself there, cultivate your soil, take root in good people and big dreams, and grow. Grow boldly; grow far and deep and wide in the abundance of grace and love that you boldly and fully acknowledge you deserve. Help others when they face uncertainty, and give back to those who gave to you. Water the patches of earth around yours so that others may grow as full and as confidently as you. Inspire someone else to do the same.

There is nothing holding you back anymore. You’ve given me your fears, your insecurities, your doubts, and your shame. I took your guilt, your secrets, your stress, and your grief. All you have left is the authentic and marvelous you that you lost underneath all of the pain. The world tried to bury you, but I took the weight away and gave you room to breathe — to grow.

So breathe. And grow. And flourish. And inspire.



(through the words of Michaela)

(because I love you, too)

(just… not as much as He does)

“Cast all your anxiety upon him, because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7. 


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